Temperament, parenting, and the so-called “non-shared environment” PART I


In the prestigious journal, Science,* researchers informed us in 1990 that  “On multiple measures of personality and temperament, occupational and leisure-time interests, and social attitudes, monozygotic twins reared apart are about as similar as are monozygotic twins reared together.”  This is old news, of course, in science, and perhaps old news to many readers.  But stop a moment and think about what this really implies. First of all, research on both siblings and twins has established strongly that 40-50 percent of the variability in personality/temperament measures is purely genetic.  This leaves 50% or more to non-genetic, or environmental influences.  Monozygotic twins by definition, have essentially identical genes, with some minor caveats.  But-just when developmental psychologists were getting used to the idea that the environment–thus nurture–controlled about half of our eventual personality traits, interests, etc. –the non-shared environment burst upon the scene.

Think again about the fact that taking the monozygotic twin pair and putting each one in a different adoptive family simply did not affect their resemblance to one another in the measured behaviors.  Hmm.  Statistics for separating genes and environment are moderately complex but the bottom line is simple. One hundred percent resemblance minus the roughly 50 % resemblance due to genetics leaves you the other fifty percent.  If a pair of twins raised together in a single family do not resemble each other more than a pair raised separately there does not seem to be an environmental effect that they shared from family.  Since the  environmental effect is not shared, it is classified as non-shared.  The general belief, at present is that no more than 5% of environmental effects are shared effects–and perhaps not that much. It might help to think of non-shared effects as effects that are unique to each twin. Continue reading

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The major role of genes in development is incontrovertible.  That I think, is nature’s gift to the newborn, the baby and the developing child.  Parents don’t teach you to cry when you are hungry, tired, or in need of comfort.  If they did, chances are they would surely teach you to cry less!  They also don’t have to spend priceless hours teaching you to smile or stand up, or hold a spoon.  Nature provides the necessary motivations.  Similarly, we know now that major temperament traits come with you right from the moment of birth.

However, since first reading about the non-shared environment concept, I have continued to shake my head in disbelief.  That children totally cared for by the immediate family in their earliest moments–learning to walk, talk,  love, hate, trust  (or not) adults that they must totally rely on, are simply unaffected by this experience is unbelievable.  This is particularly hard to accept, given that half or more of development is shaped by environment–just not the early home environment or parental bonds.  Can having a non-shared experience like a long recovery from a broken leg be 100 times more meaningful than having an icy, unloving parent?

With this is the fact that child development researchers go right on finding the effects of parenting variables on developmental outcomes.  Thousands of studies, many of them wrong, certainly, but many, many others well done and positive in findings. Continue reading

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